Luxury is attention to detail, originality, exclusivity and, above all, quality.
Angelo Bonati

Combatentes 21 is a residential building with ten floors and 22 beautifully planned apartments.
These range from studio units to two-bedroom apartments.


Sesimbra is one of the destinations of choice for many Portuguese residents all around Portugal as well as foreigners. It is known not only for its beaches and its natural beauty but also for the incredible seafood dining experience. It is one of the oldest traditional finishing towns with a unique modern flair but still embellishes its amazing coastal waters' high quality and freshness.
Its micro-climate makes this fishing village not only a highly sort after vacation spot but also ideal for weekend getaways to escape the busy city life or even find your perfect home.



Investing in property is always a wise decision, now and in the future.
Many Portuguese people are looking at second home options and holiday apartments in Sesimbra. However, the trends reflect on many foreigners also finding it to be the perfect place to live. With 300 average days of sun per year, safety, relaxed and high-quality lifestyle, new opportunities, incredible local cuisine and friendly people, what more could a person expect when looking to invest.